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We run managed services on Kubernetes

The road from getting a Kubernetes cluster to deploying your first application can be long and lonely. That’s where our team comes in to ease that pain.

Our goal is to provide an awesome revolutionary product that greatly enhances software production, by taking away the burden to keep up to date with current tech. Just hit ‘play’, save tons of time and $$ and only focus on your software. We take of the rest.


We’re building a ready-to-go Kubernetes environment, equiped with the most popular services (ingress-nginx, prometheus, velero etc). We bring on the table the glue between these services and your cluster, as well as best practices, tests and lifecycle management for a peace of mind. On top of that, we try hard to keep our architecture simple so that it can be inspirational and help you deploy your own software like we do with our services.


On our daily basis, we’re never bored, since we swift our ‘role’ hats all the time. We are architects of a revolutionary ecosystem. Putting the pieces together requires creativity and decision making. We are developers. When something is missing from our toolset, we develop it. We are operators, as we’re always keeping an eye for best practices on the services we provide.

  • Kubernetes
  • Helm
  • Gitlab
  • Go
  • Python
  • Design CI/CD pipelines
  • Develop features and tests for our services
  • Maintain our software and taking care of the lifecycle management of its components
  • How to develop and test a product that combines together many tooling and software pieces and release it as one.
  • How to design features and deliver them on a CI/CD environment.
  • How to automate any internal repetitive process, so that you can invest your time on something new.

"Working on a revolutionary product when there's nothing similar to it on the market can be challenging, but at the same time exciting and fun! We have a blank page to write on, choosing the ink/technology that we think fits best and be creative with it. This team is given the chance to build something fresh and awesome and that's super motivating!"

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