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Here you find all upcoming and on demand webinars as well as talks from our cloud native and kubernetes experts.​

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Managing and securing Kubernetes secrets talk mit Simon Pearce
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Protecting the Crown Jewels - Managing and securing Kubernetes Secrets

hosted by Simon Pearce

In the talk from DevOpsCon 2023 in Berlin you can learn more about “Protecting the Crown Jewels – Managing and securing Kubernetes Secrets”.

Von Docker zu Kubernetes Tutorial mit Eric
// On Demand

Kubernetes for beginners: From Docker to Kubernetes

hosted by Eric

In this 15-minute tutorial, Eric will explain the basics of Kubernetes, create a Kubernetes cluster and deploy an application. Further topics are Container, Docker Image, External DNS & more.

Sascha Siegl von SysEleven
// On Demand

Managing Third-Party Software in your GitOps Setups

hosted by Sascha Siegl


Our colleague Sascha Siegl gave a 30-minute talk at DevOps Con 2022. This talk will present you with a way to connect different SDLCs, manage your whole application stack, and facilitate collaboration between service providers and developers.

Sascha Siegl von SysEleven
// On Demand

A Complete Cloud Set – Kubernetes Toolchains

hosted by Sascha Siegl


Kubernetes works best with tools that support your individual workflow. But the huge selection of tools can be very confusing. we bring light into the dark!

Tim Friedrich von SysEleven
// On Demand

What if you can't use hyperscaler technology

hosted by Tim Friedrich & Florian Kintzel


Together with Deutschen Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI) (DFKI) we talk about how the language technology project “The Language Grid” was realized with SysEleven & why hyperscalers were out of the question.

Florian Rätzer von SysEleven
// On Demand

How an EU directive transformed into a cloud-native project

hosted by Florian Rätzer Jonathan Dietrich & Michael Krinninger


In a joint WebTalk, SysEleven & FTAPI explain how the Whistleblower EU Directive became a cloud-native project and what challenges were encountered in the process. You can learn directly from the “sewing box” how a fail-safe Kubernetes setup was created from 500 dedicated servers.

Florian Rätzer von SysEleven
// On Demand

Cloud Native under power: Use of AI in the energy industry​

hosted by Florian Rätzer & Clemens Rosenbauer


Together with ifesca, we provide insights and experiences from the last 3.5 years and the path from Infrastructure as Code to Cloud Native. Above all, we also want to talk about the challenges that caused pain during the introduction of Cloud Native.

Florian Rätzer von SysEleven
// On Demand

The radar screen speaks Cloud Native​

hosted by Florian Rätzer & Christian Dorge


In this 50-minute WebTalk, we talk with DFS Aviation Services about what their path to cloud nativity looked like. We talk about technical and also corporate culture challenges and how to deal with them when things go wrong.

Florian Rätzer von SysEleven
// On Demand

Kubernetes Mission (un)critical: Why the way to automatic container operation is easier than you think​

hosted by Florian Rätzer

Florian Rätzer will show you in our 45-minute webinar how the supposed Herculean task of setting up a productive Kubernetes setup becomes a “manageable” child’s play within about 5 minutes.

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