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We Operate Managed Services on Kubernetes

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Kubernetes Operations

We as a team bring a wide range of experience with us. Due to the many applications for which we use our knowledge every day, not a day goes by without learning something new.


The integration of our Kubernetes-as-a-Service product MetaKube, both for our internal services and for our partners and customers, means that more and more experience in the practical implementation of complex K8s setups is now being added.


We follow the dogfooding principle – we first let new operators and deployments loose on our own infrastructure.


We work together with our customers as partners and on an equal footing. This means that we advise and support them in understanding and optimally deploying their setup.


When it comes to dealing with new topics, we are pragmatists. We examine solution approaches for their safety and meaningfulness and decide in favour of the more sustainable and better solution. We are experts who know a lot, but also want to learn something new every day and become better and better. We question the status quo, use our freedom, work through mistakes and celebrate our successes.

  • Kubernetes
  • Scrum
  • Docker
  • GitLab CI
  • Helm
  • Helmfile
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • Loki
  • … and a lot of automation

"SysEleven takes the years of experience we have gained in running services for our customers and transforms them into Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies. To do this, we are constantly evaluating new technologies to offer our customers the best possible solutions. These help them to master their challenges. We are in close contact with our customers during the project phase and the subsequent operational phase. In this way, we sustainably support the success of our customers."

Maik Brömme, Head of Product
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